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Powerful disinfectant which offers protection from a wide range of disease causing micro-organisms.

General properties
Defra approved (Foot & Mouth, Poultry and General Orders), Glutaraldehyde formulation
Highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
Non-staining and active in the presence of organic matter
Prolonged residual activity

Instructions for use
Adjust dilution to suit soil level and/or disease specific history of the house — i.e. one part GPC8™ to between 50 and 190 parts of water. For foam application, use a dilution of 1:50 and apply with suitable foam applicator, at a rate of 80 sqm per minute. Remove portable equipment and clear the house of litter, manure and dust, including that clinging to beams and trusses. Power wash the area using a solution of Shift™ or Target™ Powergel. Disinfect all contact surfaces by spraying with the GPC8™ solution.
After equipment has been re-installed, rest the house for as long as possible and, before
re-stocking, consider aerial fogging as a further safeguard against infection.
Thoroughly scrub loose equipment and feed and water containers in a solution of Shift™ at a
dilution of 1:250. If scale is present the articles may be soaked in a solution of Milkstone Remover at a dilution of 1:20. The equipment is then disinfected by soaking in a solution of GPC8™ at a dilution of 1:190 for 30 minutes. Allow to dry in a clean place before re-installing.
Drain the system and flush with clean water. Fill the system with a solution of GPC8™ at a dilution
of 1:190 and leave in contact for 30 minutes. Drain and rinse the system thoroughly with clean water
until all traces of the disinfectant have been removed.

gpc_8 safety data sheet

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