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Synergize 25L


Broad spectrum disinfectant blend
Quaternary Ammonium Chloride and Glutaraldehyde

A synergistic, formulated disinfectant engaging the combined activities of a quaternary
ammonium compound and glutaraldehyde. Maximising the microbial power of both, in a
non-corrosive, foaming, liquid disinfectant with a pleasant pine fragrance. Synergize is for
a wide use of applications within your biosecurity protocols.
Why choose Synergize?
• Dual active formulation provides broad-spectrum efficacy
• Formulated for farm conditions
• Ideal for use across multiple applications for terminal and continuous disinfection
• Effective in hard and soft water
• Effective in the presence of organic matter
• Residual activity
• Excellent foaming quality to achieve optimum contact time with all surfaces including
vertical and non-porous surfaces
• Non-corrosive to hard surfaces and equipment, including soft metals
• Low embryo toxicity concerns in poultry hatchery applications
• Foaming (with associated foaming equipment)
• Spraying
• Fogging/misting (subject to local registrations)
• Immersing in a prepared solution (e.g. equipment, hatcher baskets)
• Wiping surfaces (e.g. sensitive areas of the housing)

Synergize Information Sheet

SYNERGIZE Safety Data Sheet

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