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Fam 30 5L

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General properties
2.7% Iodine
Defra approved (Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular, Poultry, TB and General Orders)
Listed in the Aquatic Disinfectant Listing Scheme
Extremely powerful and fast acting multi-purpose iodophor disinfectant.

Instructions for use
When using in livestock housing: Remove all portable equipment, litter and manure and clean
to remove heavy soiling. Apply disinfectant after adjusting the dilution to suit soil level and/or
disease specific history of the house — i.e. between one part FAM®30 to between 100 and 550
parts of water. Allow the area to dry if possible before replacing equipment and restocking.
Also use a solution of FAM®30 to treat buckets, cages, hatchery trays, drinkers, crates and
other non-porous surfaces.
Use at a dilution of 1:90 and renew daily.
Apply at a suitable dilution rate through a mist generator.

fam_30 safety data sheet

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