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Aquaperox 10L

This product requires specialist transport for shipping and therefore can't be purchased over the website, please contact us for more details and a shipping cost

A unique formulation of peracetic acid for sanitising water systems and improving the quality of livestock drinking water in crop.

General properties
Safely disinfects drinking systems and water, breaking down into oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, without forming trihalomethane DBPs (disinfectant by-products) with fast broad-spectrum control of micro-organisms. Prevents multiplication of bacteria from the incubation effect of higher temperatures and slow water flow. Superior to iodine, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Acidifies to improve metabolism and gut health. Droppings are drier.

Instructions for use
To flush pipes and tanks: use 1 part per 200 parts of water (0.5% solution) between crops. First time, for lime-scale, biofilm or algae leave for 4 hours or overnight.

To disinfect, acidify and improve palatability: use 1 part to 2000 parts water (0.05%) for constant treatment in crop in a clean system.
In conditions with known problems or water with very high dissolved salts use up to
1L per 1000L of water.

aquaperox Safety Data Sheet

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