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Super Foam Evo 25L


Super-Foam EVO is a highly effective, concentrated, alkaline cleaner with superior soil
penetrating and surface adhesion ability.

Why choose Super-Foam EVO?
• Free from phosphates, glycol ester and chlorine.
• Excellent foaming, easy application and rinsing.
• Active foam structure with a highly visible presence with optimal coverage and rinsability.
• Long lasting foam, allowing for longer contact time with optimal adhesion power.
• Labour and water saving meaning excellent cost per use.
• Contains a solvent to help improve the removal of heavy soiling.
• Contains GLDA (Tetrasodium N,N-bis (carboxylatomethyl)-L-glutamate), which is a
powerful chelating agent made from biodegradable, naturally occurring raw materials and
functions as an effective preservative.
• Contains APG (Alkylpolyglycosides) a non-ionic surfactant, biodegradable and plant-derived.

Superfoam Evo Information


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