Oxsan 5L

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OXSAN is a food safe, versatile, thoroughly tested and patented formulation of peroxyacetic acid for surface disinfection, dipping and fogging.

General properties
OXSAN rapidly sanitises with excellent cleaning properties from its unique surfactant system with comprehensive control of bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions, including spore stages and biofilm with no possibility of resistance developing.
OXSAN gives excellent performance in cold and soiled conditions, but pre-cleaning with a compatible de-soiler always produces better results with all disinfectants.
OXSAN benefits slurry systems and significantly reduces bad odours.
OXSAN breaks down into oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, without forming trihalomethane DBPs (disinfectant by-products).
OXSAN is safe to the operator, livestock and environment at recommended in-use dilutions. Avoid contact with copper, brass and natural fibres or leather.

Instructions for use
Apply OXSAN by spraying through a correctly calibrated knapsack or pressure washer at appropriate pressure and with a nozzle chosen for complete coverage with minimal run-off or by plastic watering can with a fine rose. Make one steady pass with the applicator at optimum distance from the target.
Unique stability ensures excellent results when used as a boot dip and for application through a fogger.

OXSAN Safety Data Sheet

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