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Vulcan RFU 5L


Vulcan P RFU Fly Spray is a kerosene-based (odourless), ready-for-use (RFU) fly spray based on the killing agent permethrin and the knock down agent tetramethrin. The formulation is synergised with piperonyl butoxide and approved in the UK for application as a residual spray and as a ‘space’ treatment.

General properties
• Designed for application through a simple atomiser for the control of flies and other flying insects in a wide range of situations including farm buildings.
• Extremely effective as a ready-for-use surface spray for the control of resting or crawling insects.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 0.25% permethrin, 0.125% tetramethrin, 0.75% piperonyl butoxide

VULCAN safety data sheet

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