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Stalosan F 15Kg

This product requires specialist transport for shipping and therefore can't be purchased over the website, please contact us for more details and a shipping cost

Stalosan is recommended for regualr use in all livestock housing to improve the environment and flooring conditions around animals and birds.

General properties

  • Increases animal health status
  • Assists in the control of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites
  • Absorbs moisture, reduces ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other noxious gases
  • Recommended where there is a high risk of infection, e.g. with young stock and intensive livestock production situations

Instructions for use
A ready-to-use powder. To be spread in all livestock living areas and can be applied whilst animals are present.
General guide: 50g/m2 per week (frequency may be increased if required)
High build up of animal waste products or a high pathogenic area/load: 100g/m2 per week

stalosan_f safety data sheet

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