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Aqua 50 10L

This product requires specialist transport for shipping and therefore can't be purchased over the website, please contact us for more details and a shipping cost

Aqua 50 is a hydrogen peroxide based water treatment for animal drinking water. Widely used for biosecurity in poultry and other agricultual applications.

General properties

  • Effective removal of biofilm.
  • Readily biodegrades to harmless by-products.
  • Removes organic deposits.
  • Instructions for use

Birds in, drinking:
Dose between 0.005% – 0.02% (25ppm – 100ppm H2O2)
Stock tank solution at between 0.5% – 2%, dilute into drinking water at 1% to give a dilution of 25ppm to 100ppm H2O2 range.

Birds out, not drinking:
Dose at 2%, leave in the system for 12 to 24 hours, flush thoroughly with clean water.

aqua-50 safety data sheet

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