Hemexsan 25kg


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Hemexsan is a pesticide and feed ingredient to control redmite in poultry, birds and livestock. It is Effective  over short periods of time.
Hemexsan is a natural earth that controls parasitic organisms by abrasion. It is also approved as a livestock feed ingredient (E551C - Permitted binder, anti caking agent and coagulant) so it is non toxic if ingested by livestock

  • Hemexsan is a natural product. It is sterile, chemically inactive and has no obnoxious smells.
  • Hemexsan binds the ammonia and thereby contributes to an improvement in the stable climate
  • Hemexsan can contribute to an increase in the well-being of the animals.

Rates and usage:

As a dry powder:

1.  Make a dust bath frame of appropriate size with sides approx 50mm, on the litter. Add a layering of Hemexsan and leave the hens to bathe in it.

2.  By hand, scatter the powder into the nest boxes and rubbing into cracks and joints where red mites are present. A puffer bottle can be used.

As a slurry: 
Make a slurry mix stirring thoroughly. Use a brush or wallpaper paste brush, paint the mix liberally onto the walls, ensuring to get in any crack. 

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