BioPh 25L


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BioPh is a blend of organic acids formulated for high activity in hard water areas.

  • Water acidifier
  • Super concentrate (1:3000 dilution)
  • The ingredients have been carefully formulated to prevent water lines blocking (a common problem with other acidifiers)


Reducing the pH of the drinking water to 3.7 slows the digestive system of the animal allowing it time to extractmore nutrients from the feed. Added benefits are reduced ammonia in the house and a reduction in litter as a result of the drier droppings. 
Independent trials on over 1 million broilers showed an improvement in Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) of up to 0.07 and up to 95% reduction in additional bedding.


Adjust the dilution to achieve a pH of between 3.7 and 4, administer through an acid resistant proportioner.

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