Delivery and Returns


Due to the size and weight of some of the products, standard shipping can be costly. Please contact us if you are wanting to order a larger number (or a large weight) of goods and we can organise hopefully a cheaper method.

If the customer is based within Shropshire or Powys or surrounding areas, our personal delivery service would be a much cheaper alternative to the 'Standard Shipping' that is offered.  

Please contact us with any questions or queries on shipping.


We can return money in full if goods are sent back unopened and intact within 7 days - please contact us to organise a return

The shopper has the right to cancel their order within seven days of their contract with us, or seven days of receipt of the goods. If the shopper does cancel their order, they will have their payment returned and if products have already been shipped out, refund payments will be sent after products have been returned and we have receipt of the goods, undamaged and unopened.

Any queries please contact us.