AquaPerox 10kg
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Waterproof Trousers

Light weight, waterproof trouser overall Waterproof Jacket More 

Waterproof Jacket

Light weight, waterproof jacket overall Waterproof Trousers More 

AquaClean 10kg
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Aqua-Clean contains hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate. Safe for the use in all livestock. Used to remove biofilm prior to the houseing, but... More 

Biogel 25L

Biogel is an animal house cleaner with foaming properties Biogel has an extreme adhering power, increasing the contact time needed for the chemical... More 

Natural Latex Gloves per box 100

Natural Latex Gloves are compliant with EN regualations with an Acceptable Quality Level of 1.5. Latex Gloves are: Non Sterile Powdered... More 

Bioshield P 25L

BioShield P can be used as both a fog and a spray for the final stage of disinfection. Due to it’s broad spectrum biocidal activity and strong... More 

Intra Hydrocare 20kg
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Intra Hydrocare is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide water sanitiser. Removes organic contaminants and manganese deposits Safe for humans,... More 

BioClean Aqua 5L
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BioClean Aqua can be used on all surfaces that are resistant to oxidising products. It cleans storage tanks, pipe systems, nipples, cups etc, quickly,... More 

AquaPerox 20kg
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BioPh 205L
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BioPh is a blend of organic acids formulated for high activity in hard water areas. Water acidifier Super concentrate (1:3000 dilution)... More 

Stalosan F 15Kg

Stalosan is recommended for regualr use in all livestock housing to improve the environment and flooring conditions around animals and birds.... More