Bi-OO-Cyst 5 KG

Bi-oo-Cyst is a disinfectant and helps control coccidiosis. •        Coccidiacide effective against excreted... More 

Aviblue Vaccine Dye 375g

Aviblue is mainly used in the water lines during flock vaccinations. It neutralises chlorine and is a good indicator that the water line has been flushed... More 

AquaPerox 20kg
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AquaPerox 10kg
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AquaClean 10kg
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Aqua-Clean contains hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate. Safe for the use in all livestock. Used to remove biofilm prior to the houseing, but... More 


Aqas is a highly alkaline cleaner suitable for heavy duty use to remove organic matter with superior cleaning, decleaning and foaming properties. When... More 

Amino+ 5L

Agrisec 250 Plus 5Kg

Agrisec 250 Plus is an absorbent ground sanitizer. Reduces ammonia Contains: yucca, seaweed and essential oils to extend bedding life... More 

Active Vitamin D3 1L

Active D3 helps support bone structure, so is ideal for day old chicks or at strategic periods to improve skeletal strength/development especially in... More 

75m Cardboard Roll

Roll of corrugated card, 75m long x 300mm high Corrugated card rolls are ideal for making a barrier between the floor space where the chicks are... More 

3M 8822 P2 Dustmasks per 10

3M P2 Dustmasks have a filtering facepiece respirator for use against particles. Used to protect the wearer from solid and non-volatile liquide particles... More