Solulyte 5L

Solulyte 205L

Agrisec 250 Plus 5Kg

Agrisec 250 Plus is an absorbent ground sanitizer. Reduces ammonia Contains: yucca, seaweed and essential oils to extend bedding life... More 

Shellmax 1L

Intra Hydrocare 10kg

Intra Hydrocare is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide water sanitiser. Removes organic contaminants and manganese deposits Safe for humans,... More 

Virocid 20L

Virocid is an extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergestic composition of 3 active ingredients. Virocid is effective at very low dilutions (0.25... More 

Vitamin D3 5L

A liquid vitamin containing a high level of Vitamin D3 for improving bone structure in younger birds and strengthening leg weaknessesin broilers, turkeys... More 

75m Cardboard Roll

Roll of corrugated card, 75m long x 300mm high Corrugated card rolls are ideal for making a barrier between the floor space where the chicks are... More 

Envosave Blue Chick Paper PP42

Envosave blue chick paper is approx a 3 day paper (highly degradable after 3 days) Ideal for putting feed on for chickc at the start of a crop.... More 

Vitamin D3 205L

Interkokask Concentrate 10kg

Interkokask Concentrate is a more concentrate and and newer formulation of the original Interkokask. Interkokask Concentration is a disinfect containing a... More