Virex 10kg

Virex is a Peroxygen based disinfectant for surfaces, equipment & water systems. ·         ... More 

Oranged Lidded Footdip

Oranged lidded footdip, ideal for outside livestock/poultry units. The hinged lid with a small hole in allows a cord to be attached for ease of... More 

Liquid Energy 5L

A specific liquid formulation of L-carnitine, betaine and magnesium designed for the additional, short-term supplementation via the drinking water. ... More 

Multi Vitamins 5L

A complementary liquid that is high in Vitamin C. For use during periods of stress caused by vaccination, transport or during disease outbreaks, after drug... More 

Intra Hydrocare 10kg

Intra Hydrocare is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide water sanitiser. Removes organic contaminants and manganese deposits Safe for humans,... More 

Biogel 25L

Biogel is an animal house cleaner with foaming properties Biogel has an extreme adhering power, increasing the contact time needed for the chemical... More 

Viroguard 25L

Viroguard is a gluteraldehyde, formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium based disinfectant. ·         ... More 

Biosolve E 20L

Biosolve is a heavy duty disinfectant. ·          New powerful alkaline formulation... More 

Ecofoam Advanced 25L

Ecofoam Advanced is an ultra-high performance alkaline long cling foam cleaner. ·          For... More 

Solulyte 25L

A liquid electrolyte, complementary feed for poultry, to be diluted in the drinking water. Recommended doseage: 1litre per 500 drinking water. More 

Bi-OO-Cyst 5 KG

Bi-oo-Cyst is a disinfectant and helps control coccidiosis. •        Coccidiacide effective against excreted... More 

Virkon S 5kg

Virkon S is a heavy duty disinfectant ·          Powerful, proven performance against over 500... More