Ecofoam Plus 5L

Ecofoam Advanced is an ultra-high performance alkaline long cling foam cleaner. ·           For... More 

Liquid Energy 1L

A specific liquid formulation of L-carnitine, betaine and magnesium designed for the additional, short-term supplementation via the drinking water. ... More 

Flyson Fly Roll 10 metre

Flyson Fly Roll is a 10 metre adhesive paper on a roll with a metal hanger. Flyson Fly roll is non-toxic and enviromentally friendly and can be used around... More 

Centre Fold Paper Towel Dispenser

Wall mounted, refillable dispenser for Centre Fold paper towel. Centre Fold Paper Towel  More 

Thermo Hygrometer

May vary slightly to image

Centre Pull Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

Wall mounted, refillable dispenser for Centre pull hand towel. Blue Hand Towel - Centre Pull Roll More 

Kleanline 5kg

Kleanline is a defra approved peracetic acid based water sanitizer. ·          Cost effective... More 

Solulyte 5L

A liquid electrolyte, complementary feed for poultry, to be diluted in the drinking water. Recommended doseage: 1litre per 500 drinking water. More 

Centre Fold Paper Towel x2800

General purpose, green, centre fold hand towel for ease of use, especially in the Centre fold paper towel dispenser.  1 ply green 22.5 cm length... More 

Aviblue Vaccine Dye 375g

Aviblue is mainly used in the water lines during flock vaccinations. It neutralises chlorine and is a good indicator that the water line has been flushed... More 

Stalosan F 15Kg

Stalosan is recommended for regualr use in all livestock housing to improve the environment and flooring conditions around animals and birds.... More 

Viroshield 5L

Viroshield is a gluteraldehyde and quaternary ammonium based heavy duty disinfectant. ·          ... More