Interkokask Concentrate 10kg

Interkokask Concentrate is a more concentrate and and newer formulation of the original Interkokask. Interkokask Concentration is a disinfect containing a... More 

Interkokask (Anti-Coccidial) 10kg

Interkokask Concentrate is a disinfect containing a lipid-solvent that breaks through the protective triple outer protein/lipid/chitin layers of worm eggs... More 

Vitamin D3 25L

A liquid vitamin containing a high level of Vitamin D3 for improving bone structure in younger birds and strengthening leg weaknessesin broilers, turkeys... More 

Virocid 20L

Virocid is an extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergestic composition of 3 active ingredients. Virocid is effective at very low dilutions (0.25... More 

Intra Hydrocare 20kg

Intra Hydrocare is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide water sanitiser. Removes organic contaminants and manganese deposits Safe for humans,... More 

BioPh 25L

BioPh is a blend of organic acids formulated for high activity in hard water areas. Water acidifier Super concentrate (1:3000 dilution)... More 

ChickStart 5L

Virex Sachets 95 x 100g

Virex is a Peroxygen based disinfectant for surfaces, equipment & water systems. ·         ... More 

Viroshield 25L

Viroshield is a gluteraldehyde and quaternary ammonium based heavy duty disinfectant. ·         ... More 

Twenty One Fly Control 4 x 250g

Insecticide to control flies in livestock housing.

Bioshield P 25L

BioShield P can be used as both a fog and a spray for the final stage of disinfection. Due to it’s broad spectrum biocidal activity and strong... More 

Fendona 6 SC 500ml

Fendona 6 SC is a high performance residual insecticide with rapid knockdown. Dilution 25ml per 5litres water Fensona 6 SC c ontains 5.8%... More 

Clear Polythene 1056m

Roll of clear polythene 1200mm x 1056m More 

Virkon S 10KG

Virkon S is a heavy duty disinfectant ·          Powerful, proven performance against over 500... More 

AquaClean 10kg

Aqua-Clean contains hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate. Safe for the use in all livestock. Used to remove biofilm prior to the houseing, but... More 

BioVX 10kg

BioVX is broad spectrum and effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and all known classes of virus. Works equally well in both hard and soft water and is... More 

HPPA 25kg

HPPA is a 5% peracetic acid disinfectant for water systems and equipment. ·          Broad... More 

AquaPerox 20kg

A unique formulation of peracetic acid for sanitising and acidifying livestock drinking water and purging water systems. 

Sheila Fly Bait 2kg

Sheila is a yellow granular fly bait. Insecticide to control flies in livestock buildings.  Sheila should be applied to areas of fly... More 

Fly Select Granular Fly Bait 2kg

Fly Select is a yellow granular fly bait. Insecticide for use against flying insects such as common house fly, lesser house fly and stable fly by... More 

Blast Off 25L

Blast Off has been specifically designed to meet the difficult cleaning demands of a modern livestock building. Used as a prewash this heavy duty cleaner... More 

Permost CS 500ml

Permost CS is a microencapsulated insecticide containing permethrin which is effective against various flying and crawling insects and a long residual... More 

Hyperox 20L

Hyperox is a Peracetic acid disinfectant used for general surfaces, equipment, water delivery systems and thermal fogging disinfection. ·... More 

Amino+ 5L

Liquid formulation for short-term additional supplementation with vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids via drinking water. Recommended for the maintenance... More