AquaPerox 10kg
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A unique formulation of peracetic acid for sanitising and acidifying livestock drinking water and purging water systems. 

Solulyte 205L
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A liquid electrolyte, complementary feed for poultry, to be diluted in the drinking water. Recommended doseage: 1litre per 500 drinking water. More 

Multi Vitamins 205L
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A complementary liquid that is high in Vitamin C. For use during periods of stress caused by vaccination, transport or during disease outbreaks, after drug... More 

Vitamin D3 205L
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A liquid vitamin containing a high level of Vitamin D3 for improving bone structure in younger birds and strengthening leg weaknessesin broilers, turkeys... More 

BioPh 205L
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BioPh is a blend of organic acids formulated for high activity in hard water areas. Water acidifier Super concentrate (1:3000 dilution)... More 

Mouse Bait Station

The mouse bait station is a tamper proof bait station that has been specially designed to fit and secure most bait blocks. Manufactured with unique baiting... More 

Carex Hand Soap

250ml Carex hand soap with plunger top for ease of use. Scent type cannot be guaranteed  More 

Yellow Bucket

Yellow plastic bucket 3 Gallon/ 14 Litre Ideal for vaccinating poultry or general farm use More 

Blue Hand Towel - Centre Pull Roll

General purpose blue paper towel. Centre pull dispense for ease of use, especially when used in the centre pull dispenser.  2 ply, approx 375... More 

Natural Latex Gloves per box 100

Natural Latex Gloves are compliant with EN regualations with an Acceptable Quality Level of 1.5. Latex Gloves are: Non Sterile Powdered... More 

Waterproof Trousers

Light weight, waterproof trouser overall Waterproof Jacket More 

Waterproof Jacket

Light weight, waterproof jacket overall Waterproof Trousers More 

Disposable Overshoes per 100

Disposable blue overshoes are waterproof shoe covers, designed to fit most shoe sizes. Over shoes are ideal for biosecure areas to help prevent the... More 

Rodent Rat Bait Station

The rat bait station is robust and a fully secured bait station ideal for internal and external use.  Especially designed and manufactured for... More 

Hand Sanitizer 500ml

500ml bottle of 70% hand sanitizing Gel.

75m Cardboard Roll

Roll of corrugated card, 75m long x 300mm high Corrugated card rolls are ideal for making a barrier between the floor space where the chicks are... More 

Shift 5L

Shift is a heavy duty power wash liquid ·          Heavy duty, bactericidal, detergent cleaner... More 

Green Wellingtons

General purpose green wellingtons

KN95 FFP2 Disposable Face Mask 2pack

KN95 FFP2 Disposable face mask PM 2.5 Particulates 2 masks per pack. More 

Blue Nitrile Gloves per box 100

Blue Nitrile Gloves are compliant with EN regualations with an Acceptable Quality Level of 1.5. Nitrile Gloves are: Non Sterile... More 

Bioshield P 5L

BioShield P can be used as both a fog and a spray for the final stage of disinfection. Due to it’s broad spectrum biocidal activity and strong... More 

Viroguard 5L

Viroguard is a gluteraldehyde, formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium based disinfectant. ·... More 

Biofoam E 5L

BioFoam E is a high-foaming pre-w a sh detergent. ·          Heavy duty prewash in an... More